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Solid Waste Disposal Permit Application

  1. County of Louisa Solid Waste Disposal Permit Application

    In order to obtain a permit to use the convenience centers and the landfill, please fill out the following information. Permits are only issued to secondary address owners or property owners who do not live in the County.

    Note: New permits will not be issued until all prior year real estate taxes have been paid.

  2. Property Owner's Name, Property Address, Length of rental, and note that all full time tenants must register their vehicle in Louisa County.

  3. Please list your property address in Louisa County, or a detailed description of the property such as a Tax Map Number:
  4. Certification*
    I certify that the information contained in this application is true. I am not a commercial business, nor will I bring any solid waste from outside Louisa County. I understand that it is my responsibility as a resident/landowner to adhere to the procedures and policies of the Louisa County Landfill. I also understand that payment of current real estate taxes will be verified prior to the issuance of any solid waste disposal permit.
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