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Yanceyville Refuse Site

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Please review Louisa County Refuse & Recycling site rules below.

louisa countyLouisa County Refuse & Recycling sites are for Louisa County residents only: to use a facility, you must provide proof of residency upon request. Requests for proof of residency may be made at random or at the attendants/County’s discretion. Examples of proof of residency include, but are not limited to: driver’s license, vehicle registration, electric/phone bill with name and address on it, rental slip from vacation/rental house with address and renter’s name on it, etc.

houseLouisa County Refuse & Recycling sites are for residential trash only, vehicles bringing waste with a company name on the door are considered commercial trash and cannot dump at these sites. Commercial vehicles must take their waste to the Louisa County Sanitary Landfill (807 Moorefield Road, Mineral, VA 23117) and weigh in at the scales to dump.

bag-01Louisa County Refuse & Recycling sites are for BAGGED household trash only: No loose trash, no metal, and no construction debris, these types of waste can damage the compactor and must be taken to the Louisa County Sanitary Landfill which is located at 807 Moorefield Road, Mineral VA, 23117.

flattened boxAll cardboard must be broken down and flattened BEFORE being placed in the recycle bins.

comingleComingle recycling may consist of: glass, plastic bottles, steel/aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, and paper. The following ARE NOT ACCEPTED as comingle recycling: Plastic bags and Styrofoam, these items MAY NOT be placed in the comingle container.

brochureFor a full list of Louisa County recyclable materials, you may ask an attendant for a “County of Louisa Refuse and Recycling Pamphlet.” 

people in carPlease stay in your vehicle when the rolloff semi-truck is loading or unloading the recycling boxes at a site or changing out a compactor box. Stay in your vehicles until the truck leaves the site and/or the attendant directs you to move. This is for your safety, the County will not be held responsible for injuries due to citizens disobeying the instructions of an attendant.

truckClimbing into the back of a pickup bed or onto a vehicle is strongly discouraged, and patrons who do so while using a facility do so at their own risk. The County assumes no responsibility from citizens whose injuries are due to climbing in or out of any vehicle onsite.

profanityCursing, abusive language, tones and attitudes towards County employees or other patrons at sites is prohibited.

containerAll items placed in containers on sites become the property of the County of Louisa. At no time shall any citizen be allowed to climb in or reach into any container/compactor to retrieve an item, even if they were the one to dispose of the item. This is for the safety of all citizens, and to prevent possible injury. If you have accidentally placed an item in a compactor or recycling container, please alert the attendant, or call (540) 967-3462.

litter-01It is the citizen’s job to properly place all items they have brought to a site in the proper container for either waste or recycling; the attendant at each site is present to direct traffic at the site, answer questions, operate the compactor, and assist the Commercial Trucks which pull containers from the site. It is not the responsibility of the attendant to load or unload vehicles for citizens. Furthermore, citizens shall remove any litter as a result of them placing their trash or recyclables in the compactor or proper container.

ban-100pxAny infractions or abuse of these site rules may warrant a ban from use of the sites. Use of these facilities is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked from any person or persons at any time if deemed necessary by the County of Louisa or the Manager of General Services Department.