What is a Neighborhood Meeting?

Every locality is a bit different. The Louisa County neighborhood meeting is a chance for the public to ask questions from the applicant and learn more about what is being proposed. Community Development Staff is tasked in these meetings to write a summary of the meeting for a staff report that will be made publicly available and that will be read by both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors members.  

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1. Why did I receive a letter from Community Development but my next door neighbor did not?
2. If my neighbor's property is rezoned, does that mean my property will be rezoned?
3. How can I tell my neighbor how I feel about this proposed rezoning application and learn more about it?
4. How can I participate in the rezoning process?
5. What is a Neighborhood Meeting?
6. Does my participation in these meetings matter?
7. How can I learn more about the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings, to include my options for public comment?