I have septic system questions.

Please direct well and septic / drainfield questions to the Louisa office of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

Louisa County Health Department540 Industrial Dr.Louisa Virginia 23093

Phone: 540-967-3703Fax: 540-967-3706Email: BlueRidgeHD@vdh.virginia.gov

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1. What permits will I need in order to build?
2. Do I need a permit for a fence?
3. My permit indicates I need a foundation survey and/or setback certification, what does this mean?
4. Do I need an inspection?
5. Do I need a building permit for a shed?
6. How long will the permitting process take?
7. How can I obtain copies of my plat and deed?
8. How do I get a business license? Can I run a business from my home?
9. I have septic system questions.
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