Where do I vote? How can I find my voting location?

You will vote at your voting location, which can be found on your voter registration card. If you do not know where your voting location is, you can look up this information online at Lookup (virginia.gov)

Additionally, you may:

  1. Reference the static map and the precincts list on our website.
    • Select Layers and check Voting Precincts Location, Voting Precincts and Voting Districts.
    • Enter your address and click Search.
    • Click Map It, then zoom out to see what precinct and district your residence is located in.
    • Click the flag in your precinct for voting location details.
  2. Call the Voter Registration office at 540-967-3427 to request this information.  
All County precincts are open on election day from 6am - 7pm.

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