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Feb 20

Prospect Hill Plantation Inn - Louisa County Restaurant Week 2020

Posted on February 20, 2020 at 4:30 PM by Walker Griffea

Louisa County Restaurant Week (LCRW) is going into its 4th year. Since its inception LCRW has highlighted local eateries that give Louisa County its flavor and flare. This year we are please to highlight not just the Louisa County staples but also a brand new restaurant eager to make its name. We were able to meet with a few restaurant owners and allow them to tell their stories. Enjoy!

Prospect Hill Plantation Inn - 2887 Poindexter Rd, Louisa, VA 23093 (540) 967-0844
Prospect Hill
We met with Bobby "Doc" Findley, owner of Prospect Hill Plantation In & Restaurant. He shared with us his experience operating Prospect Hill Plantation and his relationship with Louisa County. 

How many years have you been in business?

"The dining room at Prospect Hill has been serving dinner since 1977. The Findley Family purchased Prospect Hill in 2012" 

What made you want to transition Propect Hill to a traditional restaurant?

"For our first three years, we continued Prospect Hill's Tradition of serving a chef's choice meal on weekends only. Once we re-established ourselves, we felt compelled to open six nights per week, and with a full menu." 

Why open your business in Louisa County? What makes Louisa County special?

"Prospect Hill had a long history and great reputation of serving delectable meals to its guests. Following our first visit, we fell in love with the history of the property, the neighborly-yet-rural nature of Louisa County, and the juxtaposition of world-class dining in a rural, "Out-of-the-way" setting." 
Chef (1)-X2
?Chef Elpido in the main dinning room.

What is your most popular dish?

"There are several: Chef Elpidio's corn bisque soup; his incredibly tender beef tenderloin, and Vacherin. It is an unique swan-shaped frozen treat."
If I were a visitor from out of town why should I come to your restaurant? 

"For the unexpected opportunity to experience a top-notch dining experience in a 250-year old dining room. It is a most unique experience." 


For more information please go to Prospect Hill Plantation Inn & Restaurant's website:
Interview conducted by Walker Griffea, Marketing Coordinator, Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism.