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Feb 19

Obrigado Restaurant - Louisa County Restaurant Week 2020

Posted on February 19, 2020 at 5:02 PM by Walker Griffea

Louisa County Restaurant Week (LCRW) is going into its 4th year. Since its inception LCRW has highlighted local eateries that give Louisa County its flavor and flare. This year we are please to highlight not just the Louisa County staples but also a brand new restaurant eager to make its name. We were able to meet with a few restaurant owners and allow them to tell their stories. Enjoy!

Obrigado Restaurant - 109 W Main St, Louisa, VA 23093 - (540) 967-9447
Obrigado cropped
 Jade Lourenco (left) and Debbie Wollett, co-owners of Obrigado 

We sat down with Jade Lourenco co-owner of Obrigado Restaurant and she gave us the history of Orbigado and how they connect with the community.  

How many years have you been in business?

"We have been in business 14 years this spring."

What made you want to start your restaurant?

"Most chefs have the dream of having their own restaurant. I worked with Debbie the other owner at Tanyard Country Club. We just started talking over the years. What would we do if we had our own place? I went to Portugal and was sitting on the beach and decided it was time to do it. It was time to make the dream happen."   

Why open your business in Louisa County? What makes Louisa County special?

"We both live in Louisa and it made sense. I moved her is 1979 to join Twin Oaks community. I'm originally from Montreal and I lived in Twin Oaks for a couple of years. I moved around the states for a while but I moved back permanently in 1989. I've been here full time ever since." 

What is your most popular dish?

"It varies. Our Friday night prime rib is super popular. I would also say we sell a lot of seafood. Shrimp & grits is on the Sunday menu and that's a good one." 

If I were a visitor from out of town why should I come to your restaurant? 

"Its a beautiful space, its centrally located, its all homemade fresh food, and we have great staff. One of our customers nicknamed the restaurant "Louisa's Living Room" and it does feel like that at times. People are talking, embracing each other, and hugging. Its kind of a touch stone. "


For more information please go to Obrigado Restaurant's website:
Interview conducted by Walker Griffea, Marketing Coordinator, Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism.