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Feb 19

Joe-Joe's Super Heroes & Pizza, LLC - Louisa County Restaurant Week 2020

Posted on February 19, 2020 at 9:59 AM by Walker Griffea

Louisa County Restaurant Week (LCRW) is going into its 4th year. Since its inception LCRW has highlighted local eateries and that give Louisa County its flavor and flare. This year we are please to highlight not just the Louisa County staples but also a brand new restaurant eager to make its name. We were able to meet with a few restaurant owners and allow them to tell their stories. Enjoy!

Joe-Joe's Super Heroes & Pizza, LLC - 117 Mineral Ave Mineral, Virginia 23117 (540) 894-5656

joes cropped
We met with Joe White, owner and operator of the home town favorite Joe-Joe's Super Heroes & Pizza, LLC. He walked us through his experience in Louisa County and how Joe-Joe's Super Heroes & Pizza, LLC came to be.

How many years have you been in business?
"We opened May 5th 2015. So we been here Five years going on six."

What made you want to start your restaurant?
"I always loved them. My first job I got when I was 14 at Roma's in Louisa. I worked there for 11 years. The owner, Vinny taught me everything he knows. Ever since I left there in 2000 I always wanted to go back and do it. I finally got the opportunity to open my restaurant and I did."
Why open your business in Louisa County? What makes Louisa County special?
"I been here since 1984. I moved here when I was 9 years old from St. Petersburg Florida and since then Louisa County has been home. I cant imagine living anyplace else"  

What is your most popular dish?
"Our steak & cheese and our burgers."
If I were a visitor from out of town why should I come to your restaurant? 
"We are different. We are the best; period. No where else makes a better burger or steak & cheese in town; period. Its not cocky it confidence."


For more information on Joe-Joe's Super Heroes & Pizza, LLC please go to their Facebook Page:

Interview conducted by Walker Griffea, Marketing Coordinator, Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism.