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Feb 24

Smokin' Eddies BBQ - Louisa County Restaurant Week 2020

Posted on February 24, 2020 at 11:55 AM by Walker Griffea

Louisa County Restaurant Week (LCRW) is going into its 4th year. Since its inception LCRW has highlighted local eateries and that give Louisa County its flavor and flare. This year we are please to highlight not just the Louisa County staples but also a brand new restaurant eager to make its name. We were able to meet with a few restaurant owners and allow them to tell their stories. Enjoy!

Smokin’ Eddies BBQ - 213 W Main St, Louisa, VA 23093 (540) 967-1990
We met with Donna Patrick owner of Smokin' Eddies BBQ. She told us about how her family business came to be and why Louisa County for the perfect location for Smokin' Eddies. 

 How many years have you been in business?

“In this location Smokin’ Eddies has been in business 10 years, prior to that we had another restaurant in Ruckersville, and prior to that we had a food truck named Patricks BBQ. [Patricks BBQ] was local here in town and move from one end of town to another. It was very successful as well and that is what brought us to the restaurant business.”

What made you want to start your restaurant?

”People liked the BBQ we made at the time and my husband's parents had a restaurant at the time so the recipes came from that. Instead of him quitting his job I said i would quit my job and we’ll go ahead and get this going and see what happens. So I’m fulfilling his dream.”

Eddie Patrick (Left), Owner Donna Patrick (Center), Server Zoe Bennett (Right)
 Why open your business in Louisa County? What makes Louisa County special?

“Well we tried it here local first and then we moved the business to Ruckersville and it was very successful there but it didn’t feel like home. This [Louisa County] is home we been here almost 30 years. Our children are here, our business, our friends, so we decided that this is the right place to be. 

What is your most popular dish?

“Of course we serve the pork bbq. We also have brisket and chicken, but one of my favorite dishes is the Cuban sandwich. That has been a big seller and the "Big WiIl" burger." 

If I were a visitor from out of town why should I come to your restaurant? 

"We offer a nice atmosphere, we have very friendly staff, and we serve our customers like they are guests in our home. Everything we do is with love and it shows in the food."


For more information on Smokin' Eddies BBQ please go to their Facebook page:

Interview conducted by Walker Griffea, Marketing Coordinator, Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism.