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Feb 27

The Cove At Lake Anna - Louisa County Restaurant Week 2020

Posted on February 27, 2020 at 5:07 PM by Walker Griffea

Louisa County Restaurant Week (LCRW) is going into its 4th year. Since its inception LCRW has highlighted local eateries and that give Louisa County its flavor and flare. This year we are please to highlight not just the Louisa County staples but also a brand new restaurant eager to make its name. We were able to meet with a few restaurant owners and allow them to tell their stories. Enjoy!

The Cove At Lake Anna - 6320 Belmont Rd., Mineral, VA 23117 (540) 854-7000
the cove

We met with Suzie Squiers, owner of The Cove AT Lake Anna to talk about why she started the business and what makes Louisa County so special. 

How many years have you been in business?

"We are going into our 5th year of business here at The Cove!"

What made you want to start your Restaurant (or Cidery) ? 

"I have lived here at Lake Anna for over 20 years. I used to work in Northern VA and commute back and forth every day which meant a lot of time spent away from my family! This property finally came up for rent and it seemed like an amazing opportunity to bring a family focused restaurant and business to our area and i knew i would be able to spend more time with my family as they would be a huge part of pursuing this dream! Little did I know that I would grow an even larger family through my employees and getting to know our locals that weren't immediate neighbors even better!"

Why open your business in Louisa County?

"My family and I have lived here for over 20 years and when my husband was young he used to travel to the Lake with his family for vacations! seemed like the perfect place to start a business to help me connect to others around me and be able to spend more time with my family close to home!" 

What’s the most popular dish (or Beverage) at your restaurant?

"Our most popular drink is the mermaid juice, a sweet and strong teal beachy drink with coconut and fruity flavor. People tend to rave about our steamer platters! our crab legs and steamed shrimp are hands down amazing." 

If I were a visitor from out of town why should I come to your restaurant?

"If you come to our restaurant you get treated like family and taken care of like a local (whether you live here or not). We strive to give amazing customer service and to have a friendly relaxed vibe! We want you to feel beachside even in the middle of winter!" 


For more information on The Cove At Lake Anna please go to their website:

Created by Walker Griffea, Marketing Coordinator, Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism.