Early Voting/No Excuse Absentee


  Lines to vote at polling place

Please see the Public Notice of Early Voting and Drop Boxes Locations for the June 2023 Primaries.

100 Day Notice for Military and Overseas Voters regarding early voting:



No Excuse Early/Absentee Voting

As of July 1, 2020, Virginia now has "no-excuse absentee voting." In other words, no longer will a voter need a "valid" reason to vote absentee. Voters are now allowed to vote early/absentee just because they choose to.

Voting Early/Absentee By-Mail

The easiest and best way to apply for a by-mail absentee ballot is to go to the Virginia Department of Elections website. You can also mail your application to PO Box 220, Louisa, VA 23090 or drop off a completed application to our office at 1 Woolfolk Ave., Louisa VA, 23093. 

Voters are able to apply for an absentee ballot up to a year before any election and are encouraged to apply as soon as they choose to vote-by-mail. 


More information about Absentee Voting

Visit the Virginia Department of Election’s website or call the Louisa County Voter Registration and Elections office at (540) 967-3427.