Victims of Domestic Violence

Common Indicators

Physical Abuse

  • Assaulting or threatening you with a weapon
  • Holding, tying down, restraining your movement, or preventing you from leaving
  • Inflicting bruises, welts, lacerations, punctures, fractures, burns, or scratches
  • Injuring your pets
  • Pushing, shoving, slapping, hitting, punching, or kicking

Sexual Abuse

  • Accusing you of having sex with other men or flirting with them to get attention
  • Attempting sexual activity with you when you are not fully conscious or are afraid to say no
  • Calling you sexually degrading names
  • Coercing you to have sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Forcing you to have sex or perform sexual acts against your will
  • Physically hurting you during sex

Emotional or Psychological Abuse

  • Constantly insulting or criticizing you or calling you names ("You're so stupid," "You can't do anything right")
  • Driving fast or recklessly just to scare you and laughing at your fear
  • Extreme jealousy or possessiveness ("I can't control my anger, when I think of you with another man")
  • False accusations, blaming you for everything ("You are the reason we have no money")
  • Ignoring or ridiculing your needs or wants
  • Intimidation or humiliation (Displaying weapons or making you look stupid in front of others)
  • Leaving you in a dangerous place or threatening to leave you in a dangerous place
  • Lying or breaking promises, destroying your trust
  • Physical or social isolation (not allowing you to go out alone, have friends, or choose your own friends)
  • Refusing to help you when you're sick or injured
  • Threatening to hurt you in any way
  • Threatening to kill or injure your pets
  • Threats of suicide ("I'll kill myself if you ever talk to another man")
  • Using your children as leverage or threatening to hurt them
Cycle of Domestic Violence Graphic