Special Response Team


The mission of the Special Response Team (SRT) is to support the Sheriff's Office with a tactical response to critical incidents. Utilization of the Special Response Team will be in specialized situations including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Barricaded incidents of high risk nature
  • Downed Officer Rescue
  • Execution of search warrants with high risk
  • High risk arrest warrant service
  • Hostage taking situations
  • Incidents involving weapons of destruction
  • North Anna Power Station requests for assistance
  • Situations dictated by the Team Commander, Major, or Sheriff
  • Surveillance
  • Terrorist events
  • VIP protection
The Louisa County Sheriff's Office SRT is equipped and trained to respond to any tactical situation. The Special Response Team has undertaken the enormous task of equipping, training and preparing its personnel to respond to any situation they are needed. As is the case with any division of the Sheriff's Office, the successful and safe resolution of any incident is paramount. Team members train continually, in the use of special weapons and tactics, so that they are well prepared for situations which cannot be effectively dealt with by regular Patrol Deputies.

The Louisa County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team is staffed by employees from all areas of the Sheriff's Office. The team leaders report to a team commander. Each team member undergoes a variety of specialized training including: breaching, less-lethal munitions, chemical munitions and sniper operations. Each Team member must be able to pass certain abilities tests, including but not limited to physical fitness, shooting and length of law enforcement and military experience.