Vehicle, Dog, & Fishing Permit Fees

Vehicle Licenses

Vehicle license fee structure for licensed vehicles garaged in Louisa County as of January 1st are billed annually and due December 5th of each year. 

Vehicle Fees

Item Cost
Antique vehicles (antique plates) One time fee of $10
Motorcycles $19.50
Trailers less than 10,000 pounds
No fee
Trailers with gross weight over 10,000 pounds

Dog Licenses

All citizens owning or kenneling dogs are required by Louisa County to license each animal with the Treasurer's office every year. Owners of unlicensed canines will be fined by the Louisa County Animal Warden.

Dog licenses on sale January 1st of each year. Licenses are required by January 31st of each year. Licenses may be purchased throughout the year for newly acquired animals. Please note fees are subject to change annually.

Rabies Vaccination & Licensing

The County of Louisa sponsors a Rabies Vaccination Clinic twice a year. One is held during the spring and the other in the fall. Citizens are required to obtain vaccination and licenses for their animals, and enforcement of County ordinances pertaining to such will be exercised.

Citizens must produce a current rabies certificate in the original form. Rabies Certificate must state whether the dog has been spayed or neutered.

As a convenience to citizens, the Treasurer's office is there giving you the option of purchasing your dog tags at the time of vaccination.

Why should you get your dog licensed and be sure they wear the tag?
  • Protect your dog, yourself, and your family from rabies
  • Help your dog get home if lost
  • Help protect your community from strays that may bite or destroy property
  • And... It's the law!

Dog License Fees

Item Cost
Male / Female Dog
Spayed / Neutered Dog
Kennel - Up to 20 Dogs
Kennel - Up to 50 Dogs
Duplicate License

Fishing Permits

Please note that fees as subject to change annually. Bowler's Mill fishing permits may be purchased at:

Fishing Permit Fees

Item Cost
Resident of Louisa County $2.50
Out of County Resident $5.50
Town of Gordonsville $4