K-9 Unit

The Louisa County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) K-9 Division is called upon to handle a wide variety of tasks that aid in protecting the citizens of Louisa County. Their services include:
  • Area searches
  • Building searches
  • Criminal apprehension
  • Crowd control
  • Evidence detection
  • Narcotics detection
  • Protecting the lives of handlers and other law enforcement counter parts
  • Tracking fleeing suspects
  • Tracking missing persons
K-9 Vehicles


The LCSO K-9 Division literally saves hundreds of man hours each year searching for criminal suspects and missing persons. Our canines, with the use of their enhanced sense of smell, can search a location in a fraction of the time that it would take a deputy or search team, thereby allowing our resources to be back in full service in a timely manner.

Each K-9 is assigned to a deputy and lives with that deputy and his/her family. In order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the canine's performance, continuous education is top priority. Reliability in job performance is of paramount importance when it comes to our canines and their duties. Their ongoing proficiency training ensures each dog will act and perform according to expectations and standards. Working towards that goal, all handlers and their dogs exceed the number of expected hours for monthly maintenance training.

Once certifications are obtained, the K-9 is given its own Sheriff's Office personal identification number and badge. Our dogs are a treasured part of the Sheriff's Office. State law helps protect law enforcement canines by making it a felony to injure or kill a police dog. Our K-9 Division not only works diligently to provide the citizens of Louisa County with the protection they deserve, they also work to maintain a favorable relationship with the residents by actively participating in community events. They also work with many groups and provide general K-9 demonstrations whenever possible.