Cruiser in Front of Sheriff's Office

Our organization is currently divided into five different divisions, Administration, Civil & Court Security, Criminal Investigations, Patrol and Special Operations. Each division has a role in providing for the sheriff’s office and ultimately to the residents and businesses in our jurisdiction. 

  • The most observed of these divisions would be the Uniformed Patrol Division, which is responsible for answering calls for service, serving criminal warrants, performing initial investigations, and patrolling the roads and neighborhoods of Louisa County.  Included in the Uniformed Patrol Division are several other specialty units like the School Resource Officers, Animal Control Officers, K-9 Teams and the Honor Guard/Color Guard. Animal Control Officers are responsible for responding to and the investigation of all animal calls.
  • The second most observed division of the Sheriff’s Office is the Civil Process and Court Security Division. It is divided into two units Civil Process and Court Security. The Civil Process Unit is responsible for serving Civil Process throughout the county. Court Security is responsible for the safety and security of all three Louisa County Courts, including transportation and security of all prisoners, in and around the courthouses.
  • Administrative Division is responsible for records, training and other administrative duties of the Sheriff’s Office
  • Criminal Investigations Division has the responsibility of investigating all serious crime in the County, such as robberies, homicides, sexual assaults, and other major crimes
  • Special Operations Division is responsible for most undercover investigations and overseeing several specialized units: 
    • Emergency Communications unit is the liaison between the citizens of Louisa County and the first responders of law enforcement, fire or rescue
    • The Narcotics Task Force  is responsible for investigating Narcotics Crimes 
    • The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is responsible for investigating certain types of computer crimes
    • The Marine Unit is responsible for patrolling the waterways of Louisa County 
    • The Motor Unit provides select enforcement of traffic laws throughout Louisa County, provide escorts and parades
    • The Special Response Team (SRT) is a part time team of deputies from other divisions that are trained in Special Weapons and Tactics to respond to barricaded subjects, high risk warrant services and other high risk calls.