Found Animals / Strays / Missing Animals

Missing Animals

  1. Check below to see if your animal is listed as a stray. 
  2. Complete our Report a Lost Animal form so we check our adoptable animals and fosters for your pet. 
  3. Check our Lost Animal Bulletins page for information on where to post your pet's information online so that people in our area can help find your animal. 

Finding a Stray

In the past, it was standard practice for lost pets to be brought into the shelter. However, we now know they have a much better chance of getting back home if some actions are taken in the neighborhoods where they're found, before they are brought to a shelter. In fact, the typical reclaim rate for lost pets is only 17% when a pet comes into the shelter. But when a pet is kept in a safe place in the neighborhood where they were found, that rate jumps to 70%. If you have a found an animal and it's possible, we ask that you do not remove the animal from its neighborhood. Please report the information through PawBoost and You may also complete a Report a Found Animal form on our website. 

Strays at the Shelter

Our mission is to GET THE ANIMAL HOME. In addition to an anticipated happy reunion, Return to Owner is critical to ensuring space at the shelter. Proof of ownership can be determined in many ways, including: ID tag, rabies tags or license tags; Veterinary records; and Pictures.

Please find strays that are at the shelter below. Per stray hold laws, the County stray hold is 7 days with no identification or 12 days with identification.