Technology Overlay District (TOD)

Louisa County's Technology Overlay District (TOD) is comprised of areas located in or within close proximity to a growth area and meet technology business infrastructure requirements, including access to electric transmission lines and adequate road networks. Each of these areas also provide functional separation from dense residential and commercial retail development. 

Each of the TOD areas represent:

Access to Transmission Lines

Access to Adequate Road Networks

Acreage to Accommodate Sizable Setbacks/Buffers

Water/Sewer Considerations

In/Close Proximity to Growth Area

Avoidance of:

Areas of Historical Significance

Residential Areas

Designated Ag/Forestal Districts

The TOD aligns with the County’s goals as defined in the strategic initiatives and in the Comprehensive Plan. The ordinance not only allows businesses located in the overlay district to have their requirements met, but also codifies impact mitigation strategies – ensuring development is beneficial to the County citizens.

How the TOD Aligns with Louisa County's Strategic Initiatives & Goals
Bolster Economic Well-Being (Strategic Initiative)By diversifying the economy and capitalizing on a healthy mix of assets, we anticipate related tax revenue for funding essential programs  –  helping keep taxes low for our citizens. 
Funding the Future (Strategic Initiative)
The initiative serves as a commitment to identifying and discussing revenue options and opportunities. Technology businesses represent a significant opportunity, and we’ve identified the overlay as the best option to attract those businesses.  
Manage growth by concentrating development activity (Goal of Comprehensive Plan)
The TOD areas are located in or in close proximity to growth areas. As with other development activities, we keep the rural areas of the County rural by the concentration of business activity.

Encourage high quality development (Goal of Comprehensive Plan) 

The TOD ordinance provides design standards and limited permitted uses.

Ensure compatibility between land uses (Goal of Comprehensive Plan)

The TOD areas represent a thorough review of infrastructure to match the needs of technology businesses.
Maximize returns on the investment of public resources (Goal of Comprehensive Plan)
The technology businesses we are trying to attract represent high revenue generation with little to no public service impact. 

Maintain community characteristics (Goal of Comprehensive Plan)

The TOD ordinance provides the necessary parameters to minimize visual impacts outside the boundaries of the TOD. However, while the associated buildings may not be visible from adjacent roads or properties, the design standards require quality materials.

The TOD reflects the relationship between technology business needs and strategies to limit the impacts on the community. The development standards in the Technology Overlay District ordinance include parameters to minimize limited viewsheds and provide enhanced architectural design.  

Business Needs

Community Impact Reduction Strategies

Sizable acreage to support typical building sizes associated with the industry and/or campus-style development and to accommodate below requirements  

Reflecting a community desire to retain our rural character, the TOD ordinance requires wide vegetative buffers and ample setbacks from property lines to block views from roads and outside areas. These measures are stricter than current growth area standards and minimize: 

✓ Structure Visibility

✓ Business Activity

✓ Noise 

Access to electric transmission lines to accommodate above-average electrical consumption requirements 
The solution limits the need for new electric transmission lines in the County. Also, while outside lighting is not anticipated to be responsible for consuming considerable power, we require all outdoor lighting to follow dark-sky compliant requirements.

Adequate road infrastructure

Our growth areas and areas adjacent to growth areas are partially defined by their transportation access. Locating technology businesses in set areas not only helps provide access to adequate roads, but also allows us to concentrate development.

Adequate water and sewer

The availability of water and sewer is a factor in the totality of any solution to attract technology businesses. As we continue to grow and improve this infrastructure to serve our community, we will continue to plan for proper accommodations.