Commercial Permits

Each permit package below contains instructions for completing an application for your project.

Amusement DevicesTemporary amusement devices require this permit type.  These are typically used for inflatable bounce houses and temporary rides associated with special events.

Change of Use - Permit required when a building use is changing to a new type.  New uses often have new requirements that must be inspected prior to granting occupancy.  This often occurs when a home becomes a commercial office or an office space is converted into a restaurant.

Deck -This application type is for new residential and commercial deck structures.

Demolition -Destruction of residential and commercial structures

Lake Structure - Any structure build on the shores of Lake Anna

Pool/Hot Tub - All pools, hot tubs, and spas.  Includes all material types of above-ground, in-ground and indoor structures.

Solar Panels - Ground or roof mounted solar panels

Temporary Electrical - Temporary permit for electricity to any dwelling or accessory building, such as a garage or boathouse.

Tent - Temporary permits for tent structures over 900 sq ft.  These are typically used for temporary events such as weddings and other gatherings.

Trades - Residential and Commercial permits for all plumbing, electrical, mechanical, gas, and fire suppression projects.  Trade permits are included in New Single-Family Dwellings and Pool/Hot Tub permits.

Wells - Required for all new and replacement well installations.

Commercial Permit Packages