Enrollment Information

Admissions Procedures

A completed program registration packet must be submitted, and appropriate fees paid for each child before the child may attend the program. 

It is important that you complete ALL pages accurately & completely.

Pages include Registration Form, Health Authorization, Financial Responsibility, Responsible Party, Parent

Acknowledgment, and Medication Authorizations forms as needed.

You MUST also include:

  • your child’s current immunization form
  • data on both parents unless a custodial agreement is in effect or a parent is out of state or incarcerated;
  • custodial agreements for all children enrolled; (If applicable)
  • proof of birth

PLEASE NOTE: If you were previously enrolled in a LCPRT Childcare Program, your account must be current at the time of registration. All past due fees MUST be paid in full.

Termination of Services by LCPRT

LCPRT reserves the right to terminate any child from the program. Parents and/or their children may be terminated from the program for the following reason(s):

  • delinquent payments for child care fees;
  • excessive violent behavior; swearing or yelling;
  • threatens a staff member or child;
  • an agreement cannot be made with the parent to handle a behavior issue that is on-going;
  • continued late pickups from the childcare site.

Custodial Agreements

LCPRT requires a copy of all custodial agreements and restraining orders which dictate visitation schedules. In the event a parent is not a custodial parent and has no visitation rights, LCPRT will be UNABLE to deny access to the child without the custody agreement on site.


Children must be pre-registered for the weeks they will attend camp. They MUST attend a minimum of 5 weeks.