Hometown Holiday

What is Hometown Holiday?

When you attend an event or make a purchase with a participating Hometown Holiday business, you collect a check-in code for use in the Visit Louisa app. Each check-in code entered is a submission into a weekly prize drawing. Enter five check-in codes into the Visit Louisa app, get a free t-shirt!

Hometown Holiday - Shirts

Step 1

Download & Explore the App

Download the Visit Louisa app on Google Play or the App Store. In the Visit Louisa app, find Hometown Holiday through the Experience tab.  

Step 2

Collect & Enter Codes

Receive a code with a purchase or event attendance. Enter the code on the Visit Louisa app for a chance to win a prize! 

Limited to one entry for each business/event. Collect codes at multiple locations ... there's no restriction on the number of codes allowed each week. 

Watch the video below to see how to navigate the app. 

Please note you can also plan your stops through the website version of the app, but you can only submit codes through the mobile app.

Information for Businesses

Are you a business or event coordinator that would like to be included? Please learn more here and complete the form.