How Your Business Can Participate

Is your tourism-related business located in Louisa County? Great! Getting your business and events featured on our website and in the Visit Louisa app is EASY. Our system pulls directly from tools you most likely are already using: Google Maps and Facebook events.


Download an overview of how your business can can participate. Then, learn more on how the Visit Louisa site and app pull from Google and Facebook in a PowerPoint, or watch a Louisa County Chamber of Commerce-hosted explanatory video.

Getting Started with Facebook Events

If you can create a Facebook event, you can participate in our program. Learn about Facebook events in this video hosted by the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce. See Facebook's instructions for creating an event, and please don't forget to add Visit Louisa (or Live, Laugh, Love Louisa for events for Louisa residents) as a co-host.  

Getting Started with Google Maps

Not on Google Maps? See an explanation of the value in this Louisa County Chamber of Commerce video, and see our tips for getting started.