Child Care Assistance

About the Program

This program provides funding to enhance the quality, affordability, and supply of child care available to Louisa County's families. Child care programs are child-centered, family-focused services that support the family goals of economic self-sufficiency and child development by providing substitute parental care, protection, guidance, and early childhood education.

Toward this end, policies and service strategies are designed to meet the following goals:    
  • To provide low-income families with the financial resources to find and afford quality child care for their children.
  • To ensure that the family child care program contributes to the broader objective of self-sufficiency. To provide child care to parents trying to achieve independence from public assistance.
  • To promote parental choice in the selection of child care. To empower working parents to make their own decisions on the child care that best suits their family's needs.
  • To provide consumer education to help parents make informed choices about child care.
  • To ensure that subsidy dollars are provided to the neediest families.
  • To enhance the quality and increase the supply of child care for all families. To improve the coordination among child care programs and early childhood development programs.

More Information

Call our agency at 540-967-1320 for more information about income eligibility and the application process.