How You Can Help

  1. Recycle Everything You Can: Recycling old material is good for our conservation of natural resources and limits the amount of material disposed of in our county landfill.
  2. Properly Dispose of Household Waste: littering or dumping trash where it doesn’t belong is not only an eyesore for the community but can impact the quality of our groundwater, streams and lakes.
  3. Proper Lawn Care: do not over water or over fertilize your lawn. Cover or stabilize areas that do not already have grass. Chemicals, loose dirt and silt can migrate into our ground water, streams and lakes.
  4. Good Auto Maintenance: Repair leaks quickly, hazardous chemicals that drip onto the street, parking lot or your driveway can enter and pollute the groundwater.
  5. Upgrade Your Appliances: Maybe it’s time for that new washer or refrigerator. When buying a new appliance look for the Energy Star logo to ensure you are buying an efficient product. Often a new appliance will cost less on your energy bill than your old one.
  6. Heating & Air: HVAC systems are great at keeping our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Close vents in areas that are unoccupied and be sure to keep windows and doors closed if the system is on. If your house is set at 70 degrees in the summer move it up to 71 or 72 and similarly in the winter. A two degree change can greatly reduce your homes energy consumption and your electric bill.
  7. Collect Rainwater: If you are a gardener or like to water plants and grass, install a rain rain barrel to collect water from your homes gutters. You can keep watering the vegetables and flowers and the best part. Rain water is free!
  8. Change Your Light Bulbs: Recent advances in energy efficient bulb have lowered the purchase price and improve the options and quality. A high efficiency bulb may cost a little more up front but can last for years and save you dollars on your electric bill.
  9.  Proper Septic System Maintenance: Make sure your system is being checked by a professional annually. When properly maintained a system can work very efficiently and last for decades. If neglected, damaged systems can pollute the groundwater and cause a costly repairs or replacement.
  10. Volunteer: Find out what you can do to clean up litter, educate or otherwise benefit your community.