About Shield


The Louisa County Sheriff's Office maintains our commitment to provide first class law enforcement services to all of our residents, businesses, faith organizations and visitors and making our community the safest community. With this continuing effort to make our community the safest it can be, we have created the LCSO SHIELD Program.

The LCSO SHIELD program uses a community-focused policing method to counter local crime, active shooter events, bomb threats, homegrown violent extremists and even national terrorism. LCSO SHIELD is designed to engage community members and partners on national and local security issues by establishing information-sharing partnerships and delivering civilian training.  The combination of public awareness, law enforcement visibility and reliable communication promotes an atmosphere of community partnerships and together we will transcend the County of Louisa and be a great deterrent of crime.

LCSO SHIELD recognizes that our community partners know what belongs and what is out of place. That makes our partners uniquely qualified in the assistance to the Sheriff’s Office personnel during an incident.  Sharing your perspective and working together, we are better prepared to face the most difficult challenges.


Increase your awareness of crime trends and suspicious activity by developing ongoing partnerships and a reliable capacity for getting/giving pertinent and real time information. LCSO SHIELD keeps its partners informed of Louisa crime information, new intelligence, local and global incidents and upcoming events and training.

Information is researched and transmitted directly to our partners by:

  • Presentations and briefings
  • E-mail & Text alert messages
  • Newsletters and bulletins
  • SHIELD conferences


The LCSO SHIELD's key to success is information flowing in two directions and developing a communication two-way street. Community partners serve as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office and play a vital part in preventing crime and acts of terrorism by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible