Dividing Land


The County of Louisa set standards for subdivisions of land to ensure that the people who buy the land can develop and use it. A subdivision is defined as a division of a piece of land into two or more lots, unless it is a family subdivision or a division of a parent parcel. From the community's point of view, it is also critical to provide public services to subdivisions in a safe and efficient manner. The Subdivision Ordinance helps the County meet these standards, as do the applications and forms. For more information view the Subdivisions page.

Family Divisions

If you want to pass on a piece of land to family members, you may not need to apply for a subdivision. There are still steps to follow to divide land properly, however. If you don't know for sure whether a family division is possible on your land, please go to the link below, "Request for Information or Division Review." If you are ready to apply for a family division, view the Instructions for Family Division (PDF). A plat showing the proposed family division will be required.


If your land is a parent parcel, meaning the lot existed on or before December 18, 1997, you may be able to divide your land into one or two additional lots. If you aren't sure whether you can divide your land, view the . A plat showing the proposed division will be required.