Becoming a Volunteer with Louisa County Fire and EMS

Image of firefigther, with text encouraging viewers to volunteer in Louisa County. Be an Everyday He

It is important to us that you are completely aware of the time and energy commitment that is necessary to be a volunteer within a Fire and EMS system. Some positions take less time and energy than others and we will try to find the fit that is suitable for both of us. It is also important to us that we make sure we are all safe and that includes getting your health assessed and fitting you with appropriate personal protective equipment.

Do not let this list intimidate you. We have a templated process that will assist us in getting these steps completed in a very efficient manner.

1. Submit your volunteer inquiry form online

2. We will connect with you typically within 24hours.

              a. Email from

              b. Phone call from 540-967-3491

3. Meet to discuss how you would best fit within our organization as a volunteer

              a. What roles are available that fit your interest

              b. Time requirement for each role

              c. Training required for these roles

              d. What department are you interested in

4. Fill out required documentation for membership

              a. Application

              b. Background forms

              c. Driving record forms

              d. OEMS agency affiliation

              e. Registered for VOEMS fingerprinting

5. Check your Health

              a. Scheduled for required physical:

                          i. NFPA 1582 compliant physical for firefighting activity

                          ii. Standard pre-employment physical for EMS providers

              b. Await results to determine if fit for duty

6. Get fitted for any sized equipment needs

              a. Personal Protective Equipment

              b. Uniform needs

              c. Respiratory needs

7. Enroll you in training and tighten up any administrative matters

              a. County orientation school (ICS100,200,700,800, CPR, TIMS, county radio procedures, PPE and SCBA)

              b. Help set your future goals

8. Get you out to the field

If you are interested in starting this process please see link to the the left and submit volunteer inquiry there.