In accordance with the County ordinance governing contractors, Louisa County Code Section 22-41 states a contractor as any persons that:

  • Accepting or offering to accept orders or contracts for doing any work on or in any building or structure, requiring the use of paint, stone, brick, mortar, wood, cement, structural iron or steel, sheet iron, galvanized iron, metallic piping, tin, lead, or other metal or any other building material;
  • Accepting or offering to accept contracts to do any paving, curbing or other work on sidewalks, streets, alleys, or highways, or public or private property, using asphalt, brick, stone, cement, concrete, wood or any composition;
  • Accepting or offering to accept an order for or contract to excavate earth, rock, or other material for foundation or any other purpose or for cutting, trimming or maintaining rights-of-way;
  • Accepting or offering to accept an order or contract to construct any sewer of stone, brick, terracotta or other material;
  • Accepting or offering to accept orders or contracts for doing any work on or in any building or premises involving the erecting, installing, altering, repairing, servicing, or maintaining electric wiring, devices or appliances permanently connected to such wiring, or the erecting, repairing or maintaining of lines for the transmission or distribution of electric light and power; or
  • Engaging in the business of plumbing and steam fitting.
The Virginia General Assembly enacted in 2010 the requirement of localities to have all contractors provide proof of being duly licensed by the State or a signed affidavit that they are not subject to license or certification as a contractor pursuant to Title 54.1, Chapter 11, of the Code of Virginia. All documentation must be submitted prior to issuance of a Louisa County Contractors License.

Fees are based on the previous year’s gross receipts for contractors with the primary business location being Louisa County. Contractors having one contract job will base the fee on the job cost.
Receipts Fee
Up to $5,000 $5.00
$5,001 - $25,000 $25.00
Over $25,000 $25.00, plus $0.16 per 100 over the first $25,000

Payments & Applications

  • Contractor’s License applications are mailed as a courtesy, so that your work in Louisa will not be interrupted.
  • Contractor’s License is due March 1st of year. Contractors License expires December 31st of each year, if your contractor’s job starts prior to March 1st, you are required to obtain a license before starting work for the current year.
  • Please make check payable to: County of Louisa