Labor & Workforce


bio-cat-labA region that has a strong economy, outstanding educational systems, and an exceptional quality of life inevitably possesses a dynamic population. Employers have access to a regional workforce of more than 200,000 well-educated, technologically sophisticated, and extremely capable people who can meet a diverse range of recruitment needs. 

  • A large and diverse pool of highly qualified graduates from several area colleges & universities, including the University of Virginia, one of the nation's leading public educational institutions.
  • A significant percentage of technologically sophisticated workers are able to adapt to employers' rapidly evolving needs.
  • An out commuting workforce of over 55%. These workers are readily attracted to job opportunities closer to home.

Workforce Solutions

In today's knowledge-based economy, our community's ability to attract, retain and grow new industry depends on a skilled workforce. An integrated, effective workforce development system provides local residents with the skills needed to fill new jobs with expanding companies and contributes to our community's attractiveness as a place to locate a business.

Aligning workforce programs with overall community strategies will encompass transportation, housing, education, social service and physical infrastructure improvements. Developing systematic linkages between economic development and workforce development provides enormous benefits to employers, workers and the community as a whole.