Voting Districts and Precincts

Ways to Determine Where to Vote

Every 10 years, Virginia counties are required to complete redistricting. Redistricting is intended to help ensure populations are fairly represented as they grow. Redistricting may mean your district and/or precinct has changed.
Before heading out to vote, check your voting location. There are several ways to find this information, including:
1.) Check your voter registration card.
3.) Reference the static map (Voting Districts and Precincts 2022 Map) and the precincts list (Voting Districts and Precincts) above.
4.) Use our GIS Mapping tool.
  1. Select Layers and check Voting Precincts Location, Voting Precincts and Voting Districts.
  2. Enter your address and click Search.
  3. Click Map It, then zoom out to see what precinct and district your residence is located in.
  4. Click the flag in your precinct for voting location details.